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Organizational Development English Library


A Self-Assessment Tool for OD Competencies (21st Version)


Supported by Don Cole and created for the Organization Development Institute


By Christopher Worley, William J. Rothwell and Roland Sullivan

Información adicional puede ser solicitada a : - Eric Gaynor Butterfield – RODP. Ver también la página web de The Organization Development Institute International :




Directions: Use this assessment instrument to identify the competencies that you wish to focus on to be more effective as a change consultant.  For each competency or work activity area listed in the left column below, circle an appropriate response code in the right column to indicate how much need for professional development you feel you need in this area.  Use the following scale for the right column:  1 = No need; 2 = Some need; 3 = Need; 4 = Much need; 5 = Very great need.   When you finish the rating, you might use as a discussion tool with your immediate supervisor or other relevant stakeholders to identify areas for your professional development and as a foundation for establishing a professional developmental plan.




How Much Need for Professional Development?


No Need                                    Very Great Need


Competency Category: Self Mastery

An effective OD practitioner can...


1.             Be aware of how one’s biases influence   interaction

2.            Consult driven by their personal values 

3.             Clarify personal boundaries                                 

4.             Manage personal biases                                         

5.             Manage personal defensiveness                             

6.             Recognize when personal feelings have been aroused

7.             Remain physically healthy while under stress          

8.             Resolve ethical issues with integrity                       

9.             Avoid getting personal needs met at the expense of the client  impact on them

Competency Category: Ability to Measure Positive Change

An effective OD practitioner can...

 11.             Choose appropriate evaluation methods               

 12.           Determine level of evaluation                                  

 13.           Ensure evaluation method is valid                           

 14.           Ensure evaluation method is reliable                        

 15.           Ensure evaluation method is practical                       

Competency Category: Clarify data needs

An effective OD practitioner can...

 16.        Determine an appropriate data collection  process

 17.        Determine the types of data needed                           

 18.        Determine the amount of data needed                          

Competency Category: Facilitating transition and adoption

An effective OD practitioner can...

 19.           Help manage impact to related systems                      

 20.           Use information to create positive change                  

21.           Transfer change competencies to internal  consultant or client so learning is continuous

 22.           Manage/increase change momentum                          

 23.        Mobilize additional internal resources  to support the ongoing change process

 24.           Determine the parts of the organization  that warrant a special focus of attention

25.           Ensure that learning will continue                                


Competency Category: Integrate theory and practice

An effective OD practitioner can...

 26.           Present the theoretical foundations of change                 

 27.           Articulate an initial change process to use     

28.           Integrate research with theory and practice                      

 29.           Communicate implications of systems theory                

 30.           Utilize a solid conceptual framework based on research


Competency Category: Stay current in technology

An effective OD practitioner can...

 31.           Use the latest technology effectively                                 

 32.           Use the internet effectively                                                 


Competency Category: Ability to work with large systems

An effective OD practitioner can...

 33.           Facilitate large group (70-2,000 people)   interventions

 34.           Apply the competencies of international  OD effectively

35.           Function effectively as internal  consultant

36.           Demonstrate ability to conduct  transorganizational development

 37.           Demonstrate ability to conduct community change and development

 38.           Utilize a change model to guide whole  system change or transformation


Competency Category: Participatively create a good implementation plan

An effective OD practitioner can...


39.           Co-create an implementation plan that                                     

                is (1) concrete; (2) simple; (3) clear;

                (4) measurable; (5) rewarded; and (6)

                consisting of logically sequenced



Competency Category: Understand

research methods

An effective OD practitioner can...


40.           Utilize appropriate mix of methods to                                     

                ensure (1) efficiency; and (2)

                objectivity; and (3) validity


41.           Utilize appropriate mix of data collection                                1                2               3                4                5



42.           Use statistical methods when appropriate                             


Competency Category: Manage diversity

An effective OD practitioner can...


43.           Facilitate a participative decision-making                                1                2               3                4                 5



44.           Be aware of the influences of cultural                                     

                dynamics on interactions with others


45.           Interpret cross-cultural influences in a                                    

                helpful manner


46.           Handle diversity and diverse situations                                    1                2               3                4                 5



Competency Category: Clarify roles

An effective OD practitioner can...


47.           Clarify the role of consultant                                                    1                2               3                4                 5


48.           Clarify the role of client                                                           


Competency Category: Address power

An effective OD practitioner can...


49.           Identify and engage formal power                                           


50.           Identify and engage informal power                                         1                2               3                4                 5


51.           Deal effectively with resistance                                               


Competency Category: Keep an open mind

An effective OD practitioner can...


52.           Suspend judgment while gathering                                          



53.           Suppress hurtful comments during                                        

                data gathering


Competency Category: Helping clients own

the change process

An effective OD practitioner can...


54.           Reduce dependency upon                                                      



55.           Instill responsibility for                                                             1                2               3                4                 5

                follow through


56.           Collaboratively design the                                                       

                change process


57.           Involve participants so they begin                                         

                to own the process







Competency Category: Be comfortable with


An effective OD practitioner can...


58.           Perform effectively in an atmosphere                                      

                of ambiguity



59.           Perform effectively in the midst of                                      



Competency Category: Manage the


An effective OD practitioner can...


60.           Be sure customers and stakeholders                                                    

                are satisfied with the intervention’s



61.           Leave the client satisfied                                                      


62.           Plan for post-consultation contact                                       


63.           Recognize when separation is                                              



Competency Category: Seeing the whole


An effective OD practitioner can...


64.           Can attend to the whole, parts                                              

                and even the greater whole


65.           Quickly grasp the nature of the system                              


66.           Identify the boundary of systems to                                     

                be changed


67.           Identify critical success factors for the                                 



68.           Further clarify real issues                                                      


69.           Link change effort into ongoing processes                            

                of the enterprise


70.           Begin to lay out an evaluation model in                                

                the initial phases


71.           Know how data from different parts of                                 

                the system impact each other


72.           Be aware of systems wanting to change                                



Competency Category: Set the conditions for

positive change

An effective OD practitioner can...


73.           Clarify boundaries for confidentiality                                   


74.           Select a process that will facilitate                                      



75.           Create a non-threatening environment                                   


76.           Develop mutually trusting relationships                                 

                with others


77.           Use information to reinforce positive change                       


Competency Category: Focus on relevance and


An effective OD practitioner can...


78.           Distill recommendations from the data                                    


79.           Pay attention to the timing of activities                                   


80.           Recognize what data are relevant                                          


81.           Stay focused on the purpose of the                                          



82.           Continuously assess the issues as they                                     



Competency Category: Use data to adjust for


An effective OD practitioner can...


83.           Use information to create positive change                              


84.           Use intelligent information to take next                            



85.           Establish method to monitor change                                       

                after the intervention


86.           Use information to reinforce positive                                    



87.           Gather data to identify initial first steps                                  

                of transition


Competency Category: Be available to multiple


An effective OD practitioner can...


88.           Collaborate with internal/external OD                                     



89.           Listen to others                                                                        


90.           Interpersonally relate to others                                              


91.           Use humor effectively                                                              


92.           Pay attention to the spontaneous and                                       



Competency Category: Build realistic


An effective OD practitioner can...


93.           Build realistic relationships                                                     


94.           Explicate ethical boundaries                                                    


95.           Build trusting relationships                                                      


96.           Relate credibly, demonstrating                                              

                business acumen and conversancy


Competency Category: Interventions

An effective OD practitioner can...


97.           Convey confidence in one’s                                                   

                intervention philosophy


98.           Facilitate group processes                                                        


99.           Intervene into the system at the                                               

                right depth


100.         Creatively customize tools and                                              


Para mayor información puede acercarse a
The Organization Development Institute International, Latinamerica

a través de : y también por este medio :




Para mayor información puede acercarse a
The Organization Development Institute International, Latinamerica

a través de :
y también por este medio :